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    CIF Krem Cleanser 750ml resmi

    CIF Krem Cleanser 750ml

    Cif cream cleanser with ammonia brings the power of cleaning to your home thanks to its perfect formula. The microparticles contained in ammonia Cif cream allow you to easily remove even the most stubborn dirt. It helps you to clean dirt and stains without much difficulty. You can apply Cif cream to the stained area without diluting it and wipe it with a sponge. When the stain is removed, you can rinse the same area. Cif cream cleanser with ammonia strong formula manages to overcome lime stains, soap residue and all difficult stains. As an ideal cleaning material that offers brightness, it pleases consumers. It offers a sparkling cleaning thanks to the ammonia it contains. Cif cream with ammonia, which you can safely use in bathroom and kitchen cleaning, allows you to clean with less tiredness. You can try the Cif cream cleanser with ammonia right away to see its effect on the stained oil stains.
    YUMOS Extra Concentrated Softener (Orkide Yumusatici) 1.5 Lt resmi

    YUMOS Extra Concentrated Softener (Orkide Yumusatici) 1.5 Lt

    Yumoş Concentrated Softener The special series with Orchid and Jasmine scents provides a flower garden scent in the laundry thanks to its flower scent essences. The unique scent of wild orchid and jasmine flower of Yumos concentrated softener persists for a long time in cabinets.
    MARC Arap Sabunlu Yag ve Kir Cozucu 750ml resmi

    MARC Arap Sabunlu Yag ve Kir Cozucu 750ml

    Good news for those looking for both traditional solutions and perfect hygiene in house cleaning! New Marc Arabian Soap Kitchen Spray with a formula inspired by nature. Bringing the fresh scent and cleanliness of nature to your homes, Marc Arabian Soap Kitchen Spray removes the tough oil and kitchen dirt from the kitchens and provides perfect hygiene and shine in your kitchen without the need for scrubbing. With <5% nonionic surfactant, <5% ionic surfactant and perfume (Linalool, Limonene), you can only use Marc Kitchen Spray with Arabian Soap on hard and non-porous surfaces. However, do not forget to rinse thoroughly after use. Do not use by mixing with bleaches or other cleaning products. You can spray the surface to be cleaned from a distance of 20-25 cm by turning the spray nozzle so that the "ON" position is on the top and holding the bottle in an upright position. You can wait for 5 minutes, clean with a cloth, and then leave it to dry. You can test it in an inconspicuous spot of the surface before use to make sure it is compatible with the surface.
    ERNET Sink Opener (Lavabo Ac) 3pc x 70g resmi

    ERNET Sink Opener (Lavabo Ac) 3pc x 70g

    Ernet Sink Opener, which finds a solution to blockages in your kitchens and bathrooms with its granule formula, manages to save you from a great deal of trouble. The product, which eliminates the obstruction caused by the accumulated substances in the sink, manages to prevent not only blockages but also odors. It is recommended that the product, which gives better results when used with hot water, should be kept away from children. Over time, blockages can occur with the accumulation of various oil wastes and dirt in the connection pipes of your sinks and bathtubs. You cannot open these blockages with the help of a pump or other methods. In this case, Ernet Sink Opener is your biggest assistant.
    OZCAN Arap Sabunu 400g resmi

    OZCAN Arap Sabunu 400g

    Arab soap is a type of soap that uses potassium hydroxide — instead of sodium — as an alkali in its production. It is mostly yellow or light brown in color [1] and is also known as soft soap in Turkish and some languages ​​due to its semi-fluid, pasty consistency. Cleaning of the house, cleaning of clothes and household items, carpet washing; It is mixed with water in large amounts and used in garden spraying and sometimes in cleaning of herd animals. Arab soap can also be used as a natural remedy against aphids by absorbing plants such as roses.