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ARIFOGLU 9 in 1 Form Tea 200g resmi

ARIFOGLU 9 in 1 Form Tea 200g

We have brought together the nutrients they contain, which accelerate the metabolism and icrease the energy level. These nine herbs also contain unique active nutrient ingredients. In addition to its delicious taste, it lowers the risk of chronic disease.
ARIFOGLU Apple Tea 170g resmi

ARIFOGLU Apple Tea 170g

Allow one sachet per cup. Add freshly boiled water and brew for minimum 3-5 minutes.
ARIFOGLU Basil (Reyhan) 40g resmi

ARIFOGLU Basil (Reyhan) 40g

Basil is considered a principal ingredient in many cuisines around the world. Such kind of spices, generally are aromatic flavoring from seeds, fruits, and other plant parts. Used in to season and preserve food, and as perfumes and medicines. Spices could be used to make your meal more attractive in color and tastier.
ARIFOGLU Cajun Seasoning 230g resmi

ARIFOGLU Cajun Seasoning 230g

Arifoglu offers freshest spices everytime! Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
ARIFOGLU Chamomile Flower Tea 60g resmi

ARIFOGLU Chamomile Flower Tea 60g

What does Chamomile tea taste like? True to the origins of its name, Chamomile has gentle notes of apple, and there is a mellow, honey-like sweetness in the cup. It has a silky mouthfeel and yet remains a clean, delicately floral herbal tea, and even from the very first sip it feels wonderfully soothing.
ARIFOGLU Cherry Stalk (Kiraz Sapı) 40g resmi

ARIFOGLU Cherry Stalk (Kiraz Sapı) 40g

Cherry stalk is a very rich source of vitamins A, C and E. It contains sufficient amounts of potassium, magnesium, fiber and antioxidants. It is an extremely rare plant, especially because it contains antioxidants that regulate biorhythm, such as melatonin and serotonin.