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AMAN Malaysian Paratha Plain 30pc - 2000g resmi

AMAN Malaysian Paratha Plain 30pc - 2000g

Paratha is a flatbread native to the Indian subcontinent, prevalent throughout the modern-day nations of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Maldives and Myanmar, where wheat is the traditional staple. Paratha is an amalgamation of the words parat and atta, which literally means layers of cooked dough.
ANATOLIA Adana Chicken Kofte Kebab 12oz resmi

ANATOLIA Adana Chicken Kofte Kebab 12oz

Adana Chicken Kofte Kebab is a traditional marinated chicken shish kebab of Ottoman cuisine that later became part of Middle Eastern cuisine. It is widely eaten in Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and Israel. A similar dish in Persian cuisine is the traditional jujeh kabab.
ANATOLIA Assorted Baklava 454g resmi

ANATOLIA Assorted Baklava 454g

Baklava, rich Turkish, Greek, and Middle Eastern pastry of phyllo (filo) dough and nuts. Phyllo is a simple flour-and-water dough that is stretched to paper thinness and cut into sheets, a process so exacting that it is frequently left to commercial manufacturers. For baklava, 30 or 40 sheets of phyllo, each brushed liberally with melted butter, are layered in a baking pan with finely chopped walnuts, pistachios, or almonds. After the pastry is baked it is drenched with a syrup of honey and lemon juice. Cinnamon, ground cloves, cardamom, or rosewater may flavour either the filling or the syrup.
ANATOLIA Doner Kebab 8oz resmi

ANATOLIA Doner Kebab 8oz

Doner kebab is a type of kebab, made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Seasoned meat stacked in the shape of an inverted cone is turned slowly on the rotisserie, next to a vertical cooking element. The outer layer is sliced into thin shavings as it cooks.
ANATOLIA Inegol Kofte Kebab 10oz resmi

ANATOLIA Inegol Kofte Kebab 10oz

Inegöl kofte are grilled meatballs specific to Inegol, Bursa, Turkey.
APOLLO #10 Fillo Dough 454g resmi

APOLLO #10 Fillo Dough 454g

Easy to use extra thick no. 10 country style pastry sheets (Horiatiko). Approx. 8 - 14 inch by 18 inch sheets. Fillo dough may be used to make a variety of pastries and baked goods such as baklava, and cheese and spinach pies.