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ALKIS Shredded Kataifi 500g (Kuru Kadayif) resmi

ALKIS Shredded Kataifi 500g (Kuru Kadayif)

Kadayif is a Turkish dessert made of kataifi pastry dough. A filling of nuts, sugar and aromatic spices are rolled and baked in a buttered dough. The dough nests are then drizzled with sugar syrup. The result is a sweet, buttery and crispy treat.
APOLLO Kataifi 454g resmi

APOLLO Kataifi 454g

Its fine strands provide a unique texture, and it’s vermicelli-style nature makes it pliable into shapes only limited by your imagination. It’s also surprisingly easy to use. Wrap, roll, mould or crumb, its texture is very forgiving, with strands that are very easy to pull apart. Feel free to shape quite vigorously – this fluffs up the texture. You can then bake or fry it. Traditional Kataifi recipes include Turkish, Greek sweets with nuts and syrups or honey, but you could also fill Kataifi nests with a range of sweet or savoury fillings, Kataifi prawns, tempura with a difference, or use it as a pie topping.❄️❄️PERISHABLE ITEM❄️❄️ Perishables must be shipped using UPS express shipping methods. We recommend all perishable items ship overnight or 2nd shipping at the latest. All frozen items will be shipped with ice packs, in an insulated box liner. we recommend choosing overnight delivery, for any frozen items to prevent items from perishing, otherwise Bakkal International Foods will not be responsible for any damages that may occur.
ARIFOGLU Turkish Pine Nuts (Cam Fistigi) 50g resmi

ARIFOGLU Turkish Pine Nuts (Cam Fistigi) 50g

Essential for traditional Turkish dish "Dolma" 100% Turkish Pinenuts. Pinenut is a nut which is obtained by breaking the hard shells extracted from the cones of pine tree and has a high nutritional value. Growing from all Mediterranean countries, this tree is a large pine type which can be sized up to 20 m in an umbrella view. Cone production begins after the age of 20 years.
BAGDAT Corn Flour (Misir Unu) 500g resmi

BAGDAT Corn Flour (Misir Unu) 500g

Bagdat Corn Flour is obtained by grinding dried corn kernels. It is packaged and presented to you. Corn flour, which creates a crispy texture when used in pastries, also goes well with anchovy pan, the indispensable flavor of the Black Sea.
BASAK Cocoa Powder 100g resmi

BASAK Cocoa Powder 100g

Cocoa powder, an unsweetened chocolate product, adds deep chocolate flavor to desserts and beverages. Cocoa powder occurs when the fat, called cocoa butter, gets removed from the cacao beans during processing. The leftover dried solids get ground into the product sold as cocoa powder.
BASAK Coconut Grated 60g resmi

BASAK Coconut Grated 60g

BASAK Coconut Grated 60g