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ALENKA Milk Chocolate Bar 90g resmi

ALENKA Milk Chocolate Bar 90g

Milk chocolate Alenka- a delicacy made from cocoa fruits. The product has a homogeneous structure with a delicate aroma and sweet aftertaste. A recipe unchanged from 1966, a classic, world-famous wrapper with a blue-eyed girl image. We put our hearts into our chocolate's production, that's why it never ceases to delight the consumer with its quality and diversity.
BACI Perugina Italian Chocolate Original Dark 150g resmi

BACI Perugina Italian Chocolate Original Dark 150g

Baci Perugina is much more than a simple chocolate ... it's a unique encounter: the soft inner with hazelnut grains and cocoa reaches the apex of crunchiness with the whole hazelnut and it is coated by the double cover of fine dark chocolate Luisa®. Every time is a unique and unrepeatable experience. A small masterpiece that preserves a message: the love note, which has always accompanied Baci Perugina, making every Baci a unique and special experience.
BISCOLATA Mood w/Chocolate Milk 80g resmi

BISCOLATA Mood w/Chocolate Milk 80g

Biscolata Mood is a mixture of liquid chocolate in biscuit with sweet crispy biscuit. With Biscolata Mood, taste and fun are hidden in the glass. There are different shapes and characters on each crispy biscuit. You have fun wondering what will come to your luck and hopefully want to try another new one. The distribution of the biscuits in your mouth and the wonderful taste of the liquid chocolate cream coming out of it are remembered. Moods with edges ovalized like a cloud pattern visually indicate softness. The product is presented in its container in the form of a cardboard cup.
BISCOLATA Roll Hazelnut 24.5 g resmi
BOUNTY Milk Chocolate w/Coconut 57g resmi

BOUNTY Milk Chocolate w/Coconut 57g

Bounty is a delicious flavor filled with coconut and covered with chocolate on the outside. Thanks to Bounty, you will be satisfied with the taste of coconut. You can easily consume, serve and store your chocolate, which is produced and packaged under hygienic conditions. When storing your chocolates, you should take care to keep them in low humidity environments. The refrigerator is not suitable for storing chocolate. Since cocoa butter, the raw material of chocolate, has a delicate structure, when exposed to high heat and humidity, its crystal structure deteriorates and crystals come to the surface. Although this does not spoil the taste of the chocolate, it affects its appearance. Since chocolate has a structure that absorbs the smell very easily, it should be stored in an airtight odorless environment.
CADBURY Flake Chocolate Bars 32g resmi

CADBURY Flake Chocolate Bars 32g

The crumbliest, flakiest milk chocolate Suitable for vegetarians