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Bakkal International Foods (BIF) is a local store in Roswell Rd Sandy Springs, GA established in 2009. BIF offers a diverse selection of Imported Grocery from Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Mediterranean, Middle East and more. At BIF's Local store, we a offer a wide variety of fine cheeses, spices, syrups, fish, processed halal & kosher meats, imported chocolates, tea, pickles, olives, olive oil, beverages and more. We are now offering a select of our fine foods on our website to our customers in all 48 Continental States, We hope you enjoy your visit to our online foods store.

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GUSTO Pufuleti Plain (Puff Snacks) 85g resmi

GUSTO Pufuleti Plain (Puff Snacks) 85g

Treat yourself to some guilt-free indulgence by munching on these Romanian corn puffs! This 100% natural, healthy and light snack is made from carefully-selected maize. Gusto Corn Puffs are bought by millions of people worldwide. This impressive preference level is based on the high quality, delicious taste, unique recipe of the product and on its state-of-the-art technology.
DOBROGEA Branza De Burduf Cow&Sheep Cheese 450g resmi

DOBROGEA Branza De Burduf Cow&Sheep Cheese 450g

Burduf Harchbach cheese of the “Branza de Burduf” type This cheese is a typical Romanian cheese, very appreciated with a mamaliga (polenta) or with fresh vegetables. It is a soft, slightly salted cheese. Keep cool. Product of Romania.
LIVADA Condiment Mititei (Grilled Minced Meat Seasoning) 20g resmi

LIVADA Condiment Mititei (Grilled Minced Meat Seasoning) 20g

The perfect seasoning blend for making mici, or mititei- traditional Romanian grill sausages.
MARCO POLO Aronia Juice 1L resmi

MARCO POLO Aronia Juice 1L

Aronia Berries (also known as Chokeberries) are indigenous to North America and have been used in traditional Native American medicine for many centuries. Growing in abundance in Russia and Eastern Europe since the early 1900s, these small, deep purple berries are not only rich in polyphenols, but have the highest antioxidant concentration of any fruit! Among their myriad health benefits, Aronia berries can help ward off free radicals and urinary tract infections and aid with blood circulation, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Marco Polo Aronia Juice is made with 100% pure Aronia berry juice from concentrate and water. With a pleasing mouth-puckering taste akin to cranberry and blackberry juice, our unsweetened Aronia Juice is delicious on its own or mixed with seltzer. Marco Polo Aronia Juice pairs beautifully with sweetened iced green tea, lemonade and other fruit juices. Use it to make a wonderful antioxidant-rich cocktail - instead of cranberry or pomegranate juice – or add it to your next fruit smoothie.