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Picture of  Dalia Cascaval Cheese (Cow's Milk) 454g

Dalia Cascaval Cheese (Cow's Milk) 454g

Kashkaval is a semi-hard, yellow cheese that derives its name from the Italian cheese "Caciocavallo". It is particularly popular in Eastern Europe and Mediterranean region. Kashkaval made from cow's milk is known as Kashkaval vitosha while a variation made from ewe's milk is called Kashkaval balkan. Kashkaval preslav is the name given to the cheese made from a mixture of both milks. In Romania, Bulgaria, and Macedonia it is used as a generic term for all kinds of yellow cheeses. This cheese is also found in Hungary, Croatia, and Turkey. The Romanians call this cheese cascaval, the Greeks kasseri while the Turkish prefer to interpret it as Ksara.
Picture of AMIGO Instant Coffee 100g

AMIGO Instant Coffee 100g

100% Brazillian instant coffee, dissolves in both cold and hot water . It has a creamy sweet taste. Ingredients: 100% soluble coffee
Picture of Assorted Cookies 550g

Assorted Cookies 550g

Product of Romania.
Picture of Balkanica Chopped Sauerkraut 1700g  Varza Murata

Balkanica Chopped Sauerkraut 1700g Varza Murata

Shredded and pickled cabbage made into a sauerkraut, perfect for cooking! It is preserved in a brine keeping it preserved until use!
Picture of BELEVINI Acacia Raw Honey 500g

BELEVINI Acacia Raw Honey 500g

Acacia honey is a completely organic honey obtained from the acacia flower. This honey is characterized by having a very light color, almost transparent and a very light texture; with a very neutral floral aroma. Also, it does not usually crystallize. As for its flavor, it lacks too many nuances, being rather a neutral and smooth flavor. It is precisely its mild flavor, the reason why acacia honey is used as a natural sweetener in many cases.
Picture of BELEVINI Assorted Shortbread Cookies 450g