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Picture of ADONIS Dried Lebanese Chamomile Flowers (100g)

ADONIS Dried Lebanese Chamomile Flowers (100g)

Considered by the Ancient Greeks to have great medicinal powers, chamomile is still appreciated today for its soothing nature. When brewed, it yields a light, aromatic herbal tea. Made in Lebanon.
Picture of ADONIS Tisane Herbal Tea (Zhourat Blend) 100g

ADONIS Tisane Herbal Tea (Zhourat Blend) 100g

Discover the benefits of Adonis Herbal Tea (Tisane Zhourat) - a delicious blend of natural herbs and spices that promote overall wellness. With 3.57 oz (100g) of this expertly crafted tea, you'll experience the soothing and rejuvenating effects of this traditional infusion. Improve your health and indulge in a flavorful cup of tea today.
Picture of AHMAD TEA  London Earl Grey Aromatic Tea in Can 500g

AHMAD TEA London Earl Grey Aromatic Tea in Can 500g

Our Earl Grey is a quintessentially English brew, perfect for those seeking an elegant, sophisticated cuppa. Soothing yet uplifting, it is one of our customers' highest-rated teas. To create this distinctive blend, our Tea Masters balance teas from East Africa and India. We use a high proportion of quality Kenyan leaves to give the brew its lively, brisk flavour. This is complemented with a touch of exotic citrus from our exclusive bergamot flavouring. The larger leaves used in our loose leaf Earl Grey result in a more refined flavour, perfect for the discerning tea-lover. The tea in each caddy or packet is foil-wrapped for freshness, ensuring you the perfect cuppa every time. Our Earl Grey’s bold yet elegant flavours are easy to appreciate throughout the day. Simply add a slice of lemon for a fragrant, aromatic infusion, or enjoy with a splash of milk. Earl Grey tea was named in honour of 19th Century British Prime Minister Charles Grey. It’s believed Grey received a gift of tea from China that was flavoured with bergamot oil. The distinctive blend became so popular that he asked British tea merchants to recreate it. It's been a firm favourite around the world ever since and we think our version makes a fine tribute.
Picture of AHMAD TEA Cardamom Tea (100 Tea Bags) 200g

AHMAD TEA Cardamom Tea (100 Tea Bags) 200g

Our Cardamom Tea is a uniquely flavoured, exotic brew that fans of our Earl Grey or Chai Spice will love. It is actually our best-selling tea worldwide. To make it, our Tea Masters create a black tea blend featuring lots of quality Kenyan leaves. This gives the brew its crisp but mature character – a perfect backdrop for the uniquely herbal, slightly menthol green cardamom. We use a special cardamom flavour that complements the black teas with its warm aromatic spiciness. Cardamom is a popular spice across Asia, the Middle East and Europe. In India it’s used in savoury and sweet dishes – from rice biryanis to creamy desserts – while in Turkey and Lebanon it’s ground into coffee. The Scandinavians love it to flavour their baking, while recently, chefs in the UK have been experimenting with cardamom and chocolate. At Ahmad Tea, though, we still think it’s best in a brew, adding its exotic aroma to a nice cuppa… Our Cardamom Tea makes a versatile brew. Served lightly steeped it’s like a more exotic Earl Grey. Enjoy it like they do in the Middle East by serving it strong, black and with lots of sugar. Alternatively, drink it well brewed with a splash of milk as a rich, soothing cuppa, similar to a warming spiced chai tea.
Picture of AHMAD TEA Ceylon Special Blend Tea in Can 500g

AHMAD TEA Ceylon Special Blend Tea in Can 500g

For more than 30 years, we've delivered our Special Blend to customers around the world, offering tea lovers a unique drinking experience. Cherished for its balance of bright Ceylon, comforting Assam and fragrant bergamot, this beautiful cuppa is guaranteed to refresh and re-energise in style. With this brew, our Tea Masters really show off their blending skills. We source fine Ceylon from Sri Lanka to create a crisp, zesty base. The tea used is ‘low-grown’ – sourced from gardens below 600 metres (m), where the leaves are famed for their bright, rounded flavour. This is balanced with comforting Assam, grown in the Brahmaputra Valley of northeast India, which adds its classically rich and malty depth. The blend is then finished with a little of our signature bergamot flavouring. Selected for the purity of its flavour, it makes a perfect complement to the full-bodied black tea, lifting the brisk citrusy notes of the Ceylon. The result is a deliciously full-flavoured brew with a zesty aroma. It’s an intense yet elegant cup for when only the very best will do. The Great Taste Award judges also loved it, praising it for being "a good tea". They awarded it one star, adding that the "balance with the bergamot is good".
Picture of AHMAD TEA Ceylon Tea Premium Ceylon Leaf 454g

AHMAD TEA Ceylon Tea Premium Ceylon Leaf 454g

Our Ceylon is a fine example of one of the world’s most popular teas. Perfectly balanced with a brisk and lively flavour, it makes a refreshing and energising cuppa any time of the day. Famed for its diverse growing areas, Sri Lanka’s climate is well suited to producing quality black teas. Our expert Tea Masters blend teas from different gardens to create this balanced loose leaf expression. We use ‘low-grown’ teas – harvested from sunny gardens below 600 metres (m) – to give the brew its colour and strength. Then we add ‘medium-grown’ teas from cooler gardens between 600 and 1,200m to give the blend its lighter, citrusier notes. The Great Taste Award judges loved it, awarding it one star and praising it for being "flavourful and pleasantly astringent". Our Loose Leaf Ceylon is a truly versatile brew. With its rich amber hue and fresh, zesty aromas, it suits the addition of a slice of lemon to bring out its zesty notes. Brewed richer, it also takes milk well, softening its briskness and emphasising its deeper flavours. Alternatively, enjoy the more refined and fragrant flavours of our loose leaf Ceylon as a premium iced tea. Dilute a strong infusion with lemon, sugar and ice water to make the ultimate hot weather pick-me-up.