VINTAGE Dried Lavender 50g

Dried Lavender is simply the flower buds (calyxes), or stems (bundles) that have been harvested and preserved by drying. This dried Lavender material can be made into various products, craft items or for culinary use in teas and Herbes De Provence.
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ALWAZAH Pure Ceylon Tea 400g resmi

ALWAZAH Pure Ceylon Tea 400g

Ceylon tea refers to tea produced in the highlands of Sri Lanka — formerly known as Ceylon. Like other types of tea, it’s made from the dried and processed leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. However, it may contain a higher concentration of several antioxidants, including myricetin, quercetin, and kaempferol (1Trusted Source). It’s also said to differ slightly in flavor. The tea’s notes of citrus and full-bodied taste are due to the unique environmental conditions in which it’s grown. It’s commonly available in oolong, green, black, and white Ceylon varieties — which differ based on specific processing and production methods.
ZARRIN Pure Ceylon Tea ''Special Opa'' Red Box 454g resmi

ZARRIN Pure Ceylon Tea ''Special Opa'' Red Box 454g

Ceylon tea is a popular type of black tea that is also known as Sri Lankan tea. Served as an iced tea or warm, it is a favorite beverage for many tea drinkers. While Ceylon is known for its bold flavor, it can vary significantly in taste, depending on the type of tea and where it's grown in the country.
AHMAD TEA Ceylon Tea Premium Ceylon Leaf 454g resmi

AHMAD TEA Ceylon Tea Premium Ceylon Leaf 454g

Our Ceylon is a fine example of one of the world’s most popular teas. Perfectly balanced with a brisk and lively flavour, it makes a refreshing and energising cuppa any time of the day. Famed for its diverse growing areas, Sri Lanka’s climate is well suited to producing quality black teas. Our expert Tea Masters blend teas from different gardens to create this balanced loose leaf expression. We use ‘low-grown’ teas – harvested from sunny gardens below 600 metres (m) – to give the brew its colour and strength. Then we add ‘medium-grown’ teas from cooler gardens between 600 and 1,200m to give the blend its lighter, citrusier notes. The Great Taste Award judges loved it, awarding it one star and praising it for being "flavourful and pleasantly astringent". Our Loose Leaf Ceylon is a truly versatile brew. With its rich amber hue and fresh, zesty aromas, it suits the addition of a slice of lemon to bring out its zesty notes. Brewed richer, it also takes milk well, softening its briskness and emphasising its deeper flavours. Alternatively, enjoy the more refined and fragrant flavours of our loose leaf Ceylon as a premium iced tea. Dilute a strong infusion with lemon, sugar and ice water to make the ultimate hot weather pick-me-up.
AHMAD TEA Green Tea The Vert Gunpowder 500g resmi

AHMAD TEA Green Tea The Vert Gunpowder 500g

Enjoyed for centuries since the Tang Dynasty, Gunpowder Green Tea is one of China’s most popular exports. The finest green tea leaves are tightly rolled into little pearls and wood-fired, taking on a subtle smokiness in the process. Our Gunpowder tea pops with the sweetness of fresh summer grass and the aromas of smouldering oak. It’s a refreshing blend that every green tea lover should try. This style of tea gets its name from the shot-like appearance of the rolled tea leaves. It is renowned for its full-bodied flavour and is stronger than many green teas. ‘Gunpowder’ became a popular tea processing method as rolling the pellets locks in the flavour and aromas, releasing them again once they’re steeped in hot water. The tea also proved robust when being transported, in comparison to other whole leaf teas. This made distribution across the continents easier, with traders safe in the knowledge that their tea would arrive with all its quality preserved. The tea is now enjoyed all over the world. In North Africa it’s served ceremoniously with lashings of sugar and fresh mint. Elsewhere it’s popular as a brisk, refreshing cuppa brewed with just hot water. To create this fine infusion, our Tea Masters source the youngest, largest leaves from the Zhejiang province of China - it’s only these high-quality leaves that can withstand the ‘gunpowder’ process of withering, steaming, rolling, and then drying. All of the flavour in this blend comes from the high-quality leaves and the drying process – we don’t need to add anything else. The final infusion has a deliciously smoky green tea character, stronger than many, but still subtle when compared to black teas. It offers green tea sippers a deliciously satisfying brewing experience.