TUKAS Mixed Pickles (Karisik Tursu) 680g

Üretici firma: Tamek
Mixed pickles are pickles made from a variety of vegetables mixed in the same pickling process. ... In U.S. cuisine, a mixed pickle consists of vegetables typically including cucumbers, cauliflower, cut large onions, and bell peppers, as well as spices like garlic, dill, allspice, and chili peppers, suspended in vinegar.
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ANDALOS Anis Cookies 410g resmi

ANDALOS Anis Cookies 410g

Baked cookies with anise and sesame seeds.
ONCU Mild Pepper Paste 700g resmi

ONCU Mild Pepper Paste 700g

Oncu mild pepper paste is the milder version of the Turkish hot pepper paste made using peppers from the South-Eastern region of Turkey, all handpicked and pasted using traditional methods. Every Turkish cuisine enthusiast knows pepper paste is an absolute must have for the cupboard since it makes an appearance in almost all Turkish dishes, either with or in place of tomato paste. Adding just a small dash of it is enough to bring a peppery yet not so spicy flavour to your Turkish dish, as the paste is quite thick. Oncu mild pepper paste is the preffered brand of pepper paste both in Turkey and in Europe for Turkish cooking enthusiasts, because it allows the flavours of the herbs and other spices to come through, and not overpowering the dish.
ONCU Tomato & Pepper Mix Paste () 700g resmi

ONCU Tomato & Pepper Mix Paste () 700g

Are you also one of those who enjoy spending time in the kitchen and want to prepare amazing home-cooked meals? Are you looking for a taste other than tomato paste in your meals? Then meet Öncü Tomato Pepper Mixed Tomato Paste.
ONCU Tomato Paste 700g resmi

ONCU Tomato Paste 700g

Tomato paste is a thick paste made by cooking tomatoes for several hours to reduce the water content, straining out the seeds and skins, and cooking the liquid again to reduce the base to a thick, rich concentrate.