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Picture of Seyidoglu  Tahini and Grape Molasses (Twin Package) 750g

Seyidoglu Tahini and Grape Molasses (Twin Package) 750g

The taste created by mixing tahini and molasses takes its place on the tables with Torku Tahini Molasses Mix. 60% tahini and 40% molasses are ideal for this mixture. Children will also love the right combination of tahini and molasses. Tahini is produced from 100% sesame seeds and Koska tahini products are completely natural. It does not contain additives. It is a food rich in fat content. Contains 60% sesame oil. Torku produces tahini from 100% pure sesame in its own facilities, using the latest technology and in accordance with hygienic rules. Tahini does not deteriorate if kept at room temperature. It does not undergo any changes except that the oil rises to the top. If the oil gets to the top, you can shake it quickly before consuming. It is a sweet syrup unique to Anatolia, produced by crushing and boiling fruits such as molasses, grapes, figs, carob or mulberry or agricultural products that can easily turn into sugar such as sugar beet and juniper fruit. Molasses has a dense consistency and dark color.
Picture of TORKU Banada Cocoa Hazelnut Cream 400g

TORKU Banada Cocoa Hazelnut Cream 400g

Torku Banada Hazelnut Cream with Cocoa is a delicious hazelnut cream that will not last long on the palate. You can use this 100% natural product for breakfast, desserts and anywhere you want to taste intense hazelnut cream. Hazelnut cream is nowadays regarded as a source of taste, pleasure and happiness as well as being a source of nutrition. Food and beverage choices play a big role in improving the quality of life.