TAT Kurutulmus Domates (Sun Dried Tomatoes) 200g

With Tat Dried Tomatoes, you can easily find the taste of summer tomatoes even in the middle of winter. With the practicality of Tat Dried Tomatoes, you will save both time and effort.
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Tamek Pepper Pastes and Products add health and taste to your meals, and you will take the advantage of enjoying it! The paste and tomato products that form the basis of the Turkish cuisine have been entering your houses for years with the unique taste and guarantee of Tamek. Tamek Pastes and Pepper Products are indispensable parts of your cuisine that give your food colour and taste. They support the regular function of the stomach and intestines and are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C and K. The most important contribution of Tamek Pepper Paste and Pepper Products to health is due to the lycopene content that the human body cannot produce. Lycopene is a pigment of the carotene family naturally existing in some vegetables and fruits. Not only is good for many cancers but also strengthens the immune system of the elderly and comes to the forefront with its antioxidant nature. According to Turkish Food Codex, pastes do not contain preservatives.
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Pickle; It is made by keeping various vegetables and fruits in a salty, acidic solution called brine so that they can be stored for a long time. It is often an important part of winter preparation in rural areas. In addition to being consumed plain, it is consumed in the form of an appetizer as an aid to food. Kumpir is a widely consumed and popular flavor in salads and toasts. Berrak pickles, which bring home pickle flavor to your table, do not contain any preservatives. Vegetables are pasteurized by filling in jars with low salt content without losing their freshness. If a white layer forms on your pickles, you should discard that part and store your canned pickles in a cool place, taking into account the expiry date. If the jar lid of your marinade gets stuck; You can easily open a bowl of boiling water by turning the jar upside down and soaking the lid.