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TADIM Roasted Hazelnut  200g resmi

TADIM Roasted Hazelnut 200g

Hazelnut, miraculous food which has virtually endless benefits! A zestful snack as well as an extraordinary nutritional pack with its endless benefits.Freshly unshelled natural kernels are roasted through a thermal treatment in our state-of-art roasting machines followed up by a meticulous sorting and packaging in our high quality facilities, made ready to ship. In our vacuumed packs, our products retain their first-day freshness for a long period.
TADIM Roasted Pistachios 200g resmi

TADIM Roasted Pistachios 200g

Pistachio nuts go well with fun and conversation and add taste to desserts and dishes. Pistachio nuts that add taste to your life are always fresh, delicious and only from Tadım.
TADIM Roasted Salted Mixed Nuts 160g resmi

TADIM Roasted Salted Mixed Nuts 160g

What makes special occasions, festivals, parties, in short, all moments complete with its taste. Salted yellow chickpeas, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, white chickpeas and peanuts, all in equal ratios, for your enjoyment, are the Tadım Roasted and Salted Mixed Nuts.
TADIM Sunflower Seeds Extra Salted 340g (NEW) resmi

TADIM Sunflower Seeds Extra Salted 340g (NEW)

Keep plenty of water with you. Because the indispensable item of good times, sunflower seeds, are now generously salted. Tadım brings you, in all their freshness, the addictively tasty roasted extra salted sunflower seeds that we consume with pleasure at home, outdoors, at school, everywhere.
TADIM Sunflower Seeds Unsalted 340g resmi

TADIM Sunflower Seeds Unsalted 340g

Tadım Unsalted Sunflower is specially produced for people who like to consume sunflower seeds but cannot because of the salt ratio. It accompanies deep conversation moments and the most enjoyable environments with its fresh and crunchy structure that makes it eat as it eats.