SERA Grilled Eggplant Salad 650g

Roasted Eggplant Salad is packed with Middle Eastern spices, giving it so much warm flavour. It can be as a salad, side dish or dip!
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SERA Roasted Eggplant 650g resmi

SERA Roasted Eggplant 650g

This eggplant grilled perfect to be eaten as is or added to favorite dishes. used mostly in the preparation of the healthy dips like the baba ghanoush.
MEHMET EFENDI Turkish Coffee (w/Coffee Pot) 250g resmi

MEHMET EFENDI Turkish Coffee (w/Coffee Pot) 250g

Turkish coffee; It is produced from high quality Arabica coffee beans. You can buy our Yummy Turkish Coffee, offered in special packages, as much as you want and keep it until the expiry date. It will preserve the freshness of the day with its smell and taste.
DOGANAY Hot Turnip Carrot Juice 1L (Salgam Suyu) resmi

DOGANAY Hot Turnip Carrot Juice 1L (Salgam Suyu)

Specially grown purple carrots are carefully cleaned and thrown into fermentation tanks. Produced from carefully selected wheat, bulgur is washed with hot water and left to ferment. Chili peppers from Tarsus and Adana regions are added to the fermentation tanks. It is bottled untouched after the fermentation process, which takes 40-45 days depending on the season. Here, Doğanay Turnip takes its place on your table by going through these steps.
BERRAK Ankara Cubuk Tursusu 720ml resmi

BERRAK Ankara Cubuk Tursusu 720ml

Pickle; It is made by keeping various vegetables and fruits in a salty, acidic solution called brine so that they can be stored for a long time. It is often an important part of winter preparation in rural areas. In addition to being consumed plain, it is consumed in the form of an appetizer as an aid to food. Kumpir is a widely consumed and popular flavor in salads and toasts. Berrak pickles, which bring home pickle flavor to your table, do not contain any preservatives. Vegetables are pasteurized by filling in jars with low salt content without losing their freshness. If a white layer forms on your pickles, you should discard that part and store your canned pickles in a cool place, taking into account the expiry date. If the jar lid of your marinade gets stuck; You can easily open a bowl of boiling water by turning the jar upside down and soaking the lid.