SARADIS Rose Petals in Sweet Syrup 453g

If you have family or friends in Greece, “spoon sweets” – delectable fruits, nuts or rose petals preserved in sugar syrup – will need no introduction! A mainstay of Greek, Turkish, Balkan and Russian culture for centuries, spoon sweets are traditionally offered to visitors as a gesture of welcome and hospitality: served in a generous teaspoon with a glass of water, and sometimes coffee. Or, they are presented as an elegant spoonful in center of small dish of Greek yogurt. Saradis has been making spoon sweets on the beautiful Greek Island of Chios since 1928. Rose and rosewater are classic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors and culinary ingredients. Our Rose Petal Sweets feature pink rose petals in a thick naturally rose-infused syrup. For rose perfection on a teaspoon, enjoy our Rose Sweets the traditional way: savored between sips of cold water. Delicately aromatic and slightly floral in flavor, Saradis Rose Petal Sweets are best enjoyed chilled and delicious on buttered toast. Use our Rose Petal Sweets as a topping on rice pudding – or over vanilla or Mastiha ice cream – for a culinary match made in heaven! Or use them as a topping or filling for delectable rose-infused crêpes or pancakes.
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