Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts 100g

Üretici firma: Ulker
Whether a small child, a housewife or a working lady, the common point of everyone is that chocolate is always at the forefront of the desserts they love to consume. The combination of delicious chocolate, fresh milk and hazelnuts, one of the most beautiful varieties of hazelnut, will be among your indispensable items. You will love the taste that a piece of chocolate that you put in your mouth at any moment of your sweet crisis will leave on your palate with every bite. Especially the crispy hazelnut pieces will add pleasure and flavor to your sweet pleasure. Chocolate with hazelnuts, milk rich in calcium and hazelnut containing various vitamins are a delicious choice that you can safely feed your children. With its easy-to-carry structure and packaging that you can enjoy whenever you need a dessert, Ritter Sport Chocolate is at your side at any time of the day. Chocolate with hazelnut is a nice surprise that you can put in lunch boxes or make your children happy after school.
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