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REIS Asurelik Bugday (Wheat) 1kg resmi

REIS Asurelik Bugday (Wheat) 1kg

It is made from hard, durum lighter and white wheat. It is processed from the white coarse wheat named Cumhuriyet 76, which is harvested from İzmir, Konya, Şanlıurfa and Gaziantep regions. In addition to being used in the preparation of Ashura in the month of Ashura, it is also preferred in making soup and appetizers.
REIS Baldo Rice 1kg resmi

REIS Baldo Rice 1kg

A hybrid of arborio and another rice named Stirpe 136, Turkish baldo rice is a plump, milled, short-grain rice grown in Turkey and Italy. The Turkish variety is particularly starchy and can absorb lots of moisture, which makes it very creamy and tender when cooked.
REIS Barbunya (Kidney Beans) 1kg resmi

REIS Barbunya (Kidney Beans) 1kg

Known for its nearly round oval shape and red striped and scaly features, the kidney bean stands out with its easy use and taste. Especially in the summer months, different seasonal vegetables and olive oil dishes are prepared, boiled and added to appetizers such as pilaki and consumed cold. It is used to add a pleasant flavor and color to various olive oil dishes specific to the Mediterranean table. Because of its structural features, it is easily boiled in a short time, and the salad is made with kidney beans, which stands out with its filling properties and light taste. Since it is easily crushed when boiled, it is used to prepare healthy meatballs with various vegetables. Taking its place in meat dishes, kidney beans also attract attention with its nutritious aspect. It especially reduces mental fatigue and is good for anemia with minerals such as iron it contains.
REIS Chickpeas (Kocbasi Nohut) 1kg resmi

REIS Chickpeas (Kocbasi Nohut) 1kg

The chickpeas maturing in the field are separated from the shell and sifted, calibrated and offered to consumption by eliminating foreign substances. It is known with is yellow colour and shape like ram head. Region, homogeneous structure and calibre features are very important in terms of chickpeas. For consuming in making cook, the most preferred regions are Central Anatolia, Nevsehir, Urgup, Isparta, Konya, Nigde. It is mostly used for cooking and hummus. It contains high amount of vegetable protein and carbohydrates.
REIS Cig Koftelik Bulgur (Extra Fine) 1kg resmi

REIS Cig Koftelik Bulgur (Extra Fine) 1kg

Reis Çiğ Köftelik Bulgur, which is offered for consumption in the bulgur section, stands out with its 1 kg fine structure and dark color. Ceylanpınar, which takes its color from the characteristic of wheat, is made raw meatballs with or without meat with fine crushed bulgur. You can prepare barley, bulgur salad, lentil patties and soup for your family and guests from the product, which can also be used in making pilaf depending on preference. You can use the product together with high nutritional value materials such as minced meat, pepper paste, olive oil in making oruk, also called stuffed meatballs. Bulgur containing gluten preserves its physical properties for a long time thanks to its heat and moisture resistant structure. The product, which you can store in a cloth bag or glass jar, contains B vitamins that regulate the digestive system and help produce energy in the body. The fibrous structure of the product, which is one of the foods that people with diabetes can easily consume thanks to its nutritional values, contributes to the balancing of blood sugar. Rich in protein, delicious legumes contain valuable minerals such as chromium, magnesium and zinc. The product with low carbohydrate value does not contain cholesterol.
REIS Dermason Beans 1kg resmi

REIS Dermason Beans 1kg

Anatolia is a geography where bean production is made intensely due to climatic conditions. Dry beans are a field-maturing foodstuff. After maturing beans are yellowed and dried, they are removed from their shells. Dry bean products, which are sieved and purified from foreign substances, are offered to consumers. Dry bean products, an indispensable flavor among legume products, are a foodstuff that includes local differences in direct proportion to the conditions of the region where it is grown. Dermason dried beans grown in Erzincan, Konya, Çumra, Niğde, Kayseri, Ankara, Malatya, Doğanşehir, Elbistan and Tokat in our country are among the most consumed dry bean varieties. It is one of the most preferred bean varieties by consumers because of its soil feature and growing with snow water, being durable, thin-skinned, cooking quickly and its taste. Dermason bean products with coarse grains, plump and flat appearance; one end is straight and the other end has a shape close to the ovale. Dermason is often preferred with its appearance of dried beans as well as the flavor it offers to dining tables.
REIS Dry Giant Beans 1kg resmi

REIS Dry Giant Beans 1kg

Its grain color is white, its shapes are oval-like, swollen, much larger and fuller than other beans. Although it is grown in Bolu-Göynük in our country, it is imported when it does not meet the consumption. It is mostly used in Mediterranean cuisine for making blarneys and stews.
REIS Esmer Cig Koftelik Bulgur (Brown Extra Fine) 1kg resmi

REIS Esmer Cig Koftelik Bulgur (Brown Extra Fine) 1kg

It is a type of fine cracked bulgur that takes its color from the characteristic of its wheat. It is a type of bulgur that is preferred for raw meatballs with its fine structure and dark color.
REIS Esmer Kepekli Bulgur 1kg resmi

REIS Esmer Kepekli Bulgur 1kg

It is bulgur produced by leaving on the bran of hard durum wheat. Due to the dandruff layer on its surface, its vitamin and mineral value is high. Recommended in slimming diets. The required cooking time and water absorption rate is at least twice that of bulgur for pilaf.
REIS Kirmizi Mercimek (Red Split Lentils) 1kg resmi

REIS Kirmizi Mercimek (Red Split Lentils) 1kg

Red split lentils are made from removing the outer skin of a red football lentil and splitting it in two. They are low in fat, high in fibre and protein and are very quick and easy to cook. Split lentils become very mushy when cooked and do not retain their shape.
REIS Koftelik Bulgur (Fine) 1kg resmi

REIS Koftelik Bulgur (Fine) 1kg

Bulgur is a cereal food made from the cracked parboiled groats of several different wheat species, most often from durum wheat. It originates in Middle Eastern cuisine.
REIS Medium Coarse Bulgur (Midyat Type) 1kg resmi

REIS Medium Coarse Bulgur (Midyat Type) 1kg

It is a medium-crust pilaf bulgur type obtained from hard durum wheat and having the same features as pilaf bulgur. It is produced in Central Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia regions.
REIS Osmancik Rice 1kg resmi

REIS Osmancik Rice 1kg

Osmancik Rice is a kind of rice that is grown in Turkey which is developed by Agricultural Research Institute of Edirne in 1997. Osmancik rice a kind of long grain rice is consumed commonly by Turkish people. Osmancık Rice is produced mostly in Trakya area apart from that it is grown also in Bafra /Samsun. Osmancık rice is ideal that for cooking pilaf and it is much easier to cook than to cook baldo rice.
REIS Pilavlik Bulgur (Coarse) 1kg resmi

REIS Pilavlik Bulgur (Coarse) 1kg

Reis bulgur is known for its nutritious and satisfying properties and has a golden yellow color. While it is used as a basic ingredient in many traditional dishes, it is also added as an auxiliary material to different soups. With its coarsely chopped grains for rice, it is an ideal choice for both vegetable pilaf and meat pilaf. Since it has an easy-to-cook structure, it is boiled for a short time or roasted after soaking in water and used as a basic ingredient in salads with different vegetables. Bulgur, which does not disappear when cooked because it does not have a very fine structure, is directly added to various meat dishes and vegetable dishes or can be used as an auxiliary material. Food, which is considered an important source of nutritional values, helps the development of the body with its rich structure, especially in protein. Coarse bulgur, which has a long shelf life and is resistant to moisture, can be easily stored in your home without losing its nutritional values.
REIS Sari Mercimek (Yellow Lentils) 1kg resmi

REIS Sari Mercimek (Yellow Lentils) 1kg

It is a product that is cultivated and preferred in the Aegean region, especially in İzmir and Aydın. Used as soup
REIS Semolina (Irmik) 500g resmi

REIS Semolina (Irmik) 500g

It is a product obtained by grinding hard durum wheat in accordance with its technique. It is used in making halva and desserts.
REIS Siyez Bulgur (Einkorn Wheat) 1kg resmi

REIS Siyez Bulgur (Einkorn Wheat) 1kg

Siyez bulgur is a genetically intact type of wheat with a history dating back to 9,000 years. Thanks to you, you will be a guest to delicious tables. Siyez bulgur, a coarse-grained type of bulgur suitable for rice production, has a slightly roasted color. To prepare a nutritious menu, you can make your rice from einkorn bulgur and make a meal with meat and vegetables.
REIS Sugar Beans (Ispir) 1kg resmi

REIS Sugar Beans (Ispir) 1kg

It is a round-shaped, white-colored bean variety cultivated in the Black Sea and Erzurum-İspir regions in our country. It is preferred more because it is delicious.