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ONCU Pomegranate Molasses 330g resmi

ONCU Pomegranate Molasses 330g

Pomegranate molasses (or pomegranate syrup) is a thick, sweet, sticky syrup that’s used to flavor Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. It’s used as a marinade, an ingredient in sauces and dips, and a beverage sweetener. It’s basically a reduction of pomegranate juice that’s been boiled down with sugar and lemon juice. Pomegranate molasses is not the same as grenadine syrup, which is a sweet pomegranate-based syrup used to flavor and add color to cocktails. Pomegranate molasses is tart and fruity, and the color is a much darker red, closer to brown.
SERA Pomegranate Molasses 340g resmi

SERA Pomegranate Molasses 340g

Pomegranate molasses is, in essence, reduced pomegranate juice. Like when you reduce balsamic vinegar, cooking down pomegranate juice creates a thickened syrup with a much more potent flavor. This syrup can be used as a condiment, or added to various dishes to enhance their flavor.