Turkish Delight

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Picture of ANTEPSAN KEYIFCE Antep Fistikli Fitil Lokum 350g

ANTEPSAN KEYIFCE Antep Fistikli Fitil Lokum 350g

Turkish delight has always been the most important souvenirs and snacks of Turkish culture; thin roving Turkish delight is also one of the most valuable members of this family. On our site, you can easily find both the most delicious and the best quality and fresh suppository Turkish delight. In addition, the roving Turkish delight varieties on our site are presented to you with an extremely wide range of options. Those looking for more classic flavors as well as fruity and dried nut suppositories can find exactly what they are looking for in this category. At the same time, the quality that our years of experience has instilled in us is uncompromising in roving delight, as in all of our products.
Picture of ANTEPSAN Keyifce Antep Fistikli Pekmezli Ozel Pestil 400g

ANTEPSAN Keyifce Antep Fistikli Pekmezli Ozel Pestil 400g

A delicious flavor created by the combination of our fruit pulp and Pistachio from Gaziantep local grape molasses, Amulet with Pistachio, Pistachio is specially harvested between July and August every year and is known as the best of pistachio. This type of harvest is also known as the first harvest. It is a special type of pistachio with its dark green color and delicious taste. Our fruit pulp is obtained from the special grape molasses of Gaziantep region, and it is a beautiful flavor with its naturalness and freshness. The freshness of the fruit pulp and the clarity of the layers determine the quality of the pulp. It takes its shape by wrapping the special gray pistachios in the pestil prepared in the most natural ways as an amulet. Grape pulp is a healthy food source and strengthens the immune system.
Picture of ANTEPSAN Keyifce Cevizli Sucuk 400g

ANTEPSAN Keyifce Cevizli Sucuk 400g

Sausage with grape molasses, which is among the ancient flavors of Anatolia, continues to be produced in accordance with traditional methods. You can consume walnut and molasses sausage as a snack and use it to decorate your milk desserts. Molasses and walnut sausage, where the flavors of molasses and walnuts are combined with patience, is produced from molasses and fresh walnuts that are boiled almost everywhere in Anatolia in autumn. You will love it when you try the walnut sausage, which is obtained by dipping the walnuts on the ropes into the boiled molasses and then hanging and drying.
Picture of ANTEPSAN KEYIFCE Fistik Ezmesi 300g

ANTEPSAN KEYIFCE Fistik Ezmesi 300g

Produced from high quality and delicious Pistachio, provides you with a good start to the day with its magnificent taste. Its spreadable consistency, fragrant smell and unique flavor give a lot of happiness.
Picture of HAZERBABA Apricot & Almond & Honey Turkish Delight 454g

HAZERBABA Apricot & Almond & Honey Turkish Delight 454g

Turkish delight or lokum is a family of confections based on a gel of starch and sugar. Premium varieties consist largely of chopped dates, pistachios, hazelnuts or walnuts bound by the gel; traditional varieties are often flavored with rosewater, mastic, Bergamot orange, or lemon.