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LEZIZ Chickpeas (Nohut) 908g

Chickpeas are generally sold dry or canned today. Before using dried chickpeas for food, it is necessary to leave them in water for 12-24 hours. Chickpea meal has a mild gas-forming effect. It is widely used in rural areas in regions where the winter season is long. It is used in different dishes as well as chickpeas with meat. It has very nutritious properties. In some regions (eg Malatya), small and colorful varieties, which are very little known, are also grown and used in special dishes. In Turkey and other countries of the Near East, chickpeas are roasted and roasted chickpeas are made. In villages, chickpeas are soaked the night before and roasted together with tula in metal trays and eaten. Chickpeas are especially used in Arabic cuisine. Hummus is made from crushed chickpeas and tahini. The most produced countries are Turkey, North Africa, Mexico, India, Pakistan and Spain.
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VISPAK Paprika 100g resmi

VISPAK Paprika 100g

Don't overlook this spice when cooking! Sprinkle it on potatoes or homemade fries for a change of seasonings. Use it liberally on poultry ,meat, and fish when cooking. Use paprika as a milder seasoning in chili or stews. It can even liven up some soups with color and flavor. Paprika is most commonly used to prepare such Hungarian dishes as cheeses, eggs, fish, pastas, sweet pastries, and meat seasonings. Last but not least, goulash, Hungary's national dish, is made with paprika.
TADIM Roasted Pistachios 200g resmi

TADIM Roasted Pistachios 200g

Pistachio nuts go well with fun and conversation and add taste to desserts and dishes. Pistachio nuts that add taste to your life are always fresh, delicious and only from Tadım.
LEZIZ Red Kernel Lentils (Kirmizi Mercimek) 908g resmi

LEZIZ Red Kernel Lentils (Kirmizi Mercimek) 908g

This lentil, which is skinless, has a high starch content. It should be cooked for 8 minutes for salads and 10 minutes for purees and soups.
REIS Pilavlik Bulgur (Coarse) 1kg resmi

REIS Pilavlik Bulgur (Coarse) 1kg

Reis bulgur is known for its nutritious and satisfying properties and has a golden yellow color. While it is used as a basic ingredient in many traditional dishes, it is also added as an auxiliary material to different soups. With its coarsely chopped grains for rice, it is an ideal choice for both vegetable pilaf and meat pilaf. Since it has an easy-to-cook structure, it is boiled for a short time or roasted after soaking in water and used as a basic ingredient in salads with different vegetables. Bulgur, which does not disappear when cooked because it does not have a very fine structure, is directly added to various meat dishes and vegetable dishes or can be used as an auxiliary material. Food, which is considered an important source of nutritional values, helps the development of the body with its rich structure, especially in protein. Coarse bulgur, which has a long shelf life and is resistant to moisture, can be easily stored in your home without losing its nutritional values.