KRINOS Greek Black Olives in Jar 454g

Greek Black Olives are known as the “traditional” olive of Greece. Actually brownish-grey in color, they are round, semi-firm and meaty. Marinated in brine for lasting freshness and enhanced taste, Krinos Greek Black Olives are mild and pleasing in flavor. A delicious accompaniment to cheeses and breads, these olives are also perfect for spreads, sauces and dishes like Chicken Marbella. Or drizzle them with extra virgin olive oil, herbs and lemon peel – and enjoy!
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ADRIATIC SUN Sour Cherry Syrup 1L resmi

ADRIATIC SUN Sour Cherry Syrup 1L

Adriatic Sun Sour Cherry Syrup. Add one part syrup to 7 parts of cold water, stir, then sit back and enjoy this refreshing and traditional beverage from Europe! No preservatives. Ingredients: sugar, sour cherry juice, citric acid.
MARMARABIRLIK Green Cracked Olives 4XL 850g resmi

MARMARABIRLIK Green Cracked Olives 4XL 850g

Green cracked olives are among the most popular olive types. It is a very healthy food with its olive content. It contains lots of vitamin A, iron and calcium. To start the day well, green cracked olives are often preferred. Apart from breakfasts, green olives can be used in salads and some dishes by removing the seeds.
MARCO POLO Blackberry Syrup 1L resmi

MARCO POLO Blackberry Syrup 1L

Bursting with the bright flavor of fresh blackberry juice, Marco Polo Blackberry Syrup is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Delicious in sparkling or still water, our syrup also adds elegant berry goodness to iced tea and lemonade. Enjoy our Blackberry Syrup as a luxurious topping on baked goods, ice cream or Greek yogurt. All natural and with no preservatives or artificial flavors. Makes 30 to 40 large drinks.
AHMAD TEA Kalami Assam Blend Tea 454g resmi

AHMAD TEA Kalami Assam Blend Tea 454g

There’s nothing but the finest Assam in this loose leaf blend. Named after the north-eastern region of India where it originates, Assam is the tea that everyone loves. With its distinctly rich and malty flavour, you’ll taste it in every good English Breakfast blend. Our rich amber infusion is deliciously smooth and satisfying, perfect for kick-starting the day – or any time a naturally full-flavoured brew is needed. To give our blend its bold, complex flavour, our Tea Masters use only second flush Assam. This means the leaves are picked in the second growth ‘flush’ of the tea plant, when they are at the peak of quality and flavour. The leaves are hand-picked in the Brahmaputra Valley, an area renowned for its exceptional tea gardens. You’ll see a mixture of tea tips, leaf buds and large leaves in this blend. This makes for a superior, well-balanced tea – the ideal brew for most occasions. Enjoy a cup of our loose leaf Assam to help wake you up in the morning, or comfort you during a busy day.