KOSKA Rose Flavored Palace Turkish Delight w/Almond 500g

Turkish delight is one of the most famous delicacies in the world. From children to adults alike, everyone loves to grab a bite of this traditional Turkish sweet that has a history of over 600 years. Turkish delight is known in Anatolia since the 15th century, but it became popular in the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century. It was exported first to the Balkans and then to Europe in the 18th century. At that time, it was named ‘Turkish delight’. However, the Turkish delight gained the fame all over the world in the 19th century. So it was the first Turkish dessert to be exported abroad.
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KOSKA Cezerye w/Hazelnut 40g resmi

KOSKA Cezerye w/Hazelnut 40g

Cezerye is a common dessert especially in Mersin and Adana regions. It takes place in Ottoman cuisine. It is made from carrots, granulated sugar, walnuts and coconut. It takes its name from the Arabic word meaning carrot. Grated carrots are boiled first and then roasted with sugar.
KOSKA Wafer Halva (Kagit Helva) 35g resmi

KOSKA Wafer Halva (Kagit Helva) 35g

Wafer Halva is a thin biscuit like a flat, round waffle cone, with thin layers of nougat between the wafers. Delicious as a cookie, Koska Wafer Halva is also the perfect blank canvas for ice cream or frozen yogurt. Enjoy as an ice cream sandwich or with your favorite ice cream and frozen yogurt toppings.
KOSKA Turkish Delight w/Pistachios in Wooden Box 250g resmi

KOSKA Turkish Delight w/Pistachios in Wooden Box 250g

Turkish delight, one of the important tastes of Ottoman palace cuisine, dates back to ancient times. The date that Turkish delight appeared in Anatolia coincides with the 15th century. It was in the 17th century that it was known all over Anatolia and entered Turkish cuisine. The first serial production of the Turkish delight was made in 1777. Turkish Delight was famous all over Anatolia and whose reputation spreads to the other end of the world with European travelers.