KNORR Spicy Tomato Quick Soup 22g

"Like I'm hungry." When you say, how about a warm break from life with Knorr Quick Soup? While chatting with your friends, studying, watching a movie or playing a game, you may want to take a short break and have a tasty snack. Whenever you want to take a warm break when you are hungry, Knorr Quick Soup is the right choice for you. You can give a warm break to life by preparing Knorr Quick Hot Tomato from Knorr Quick Soup and Hot Tomato Soup, one of the warming flavors of our local cuisine, in 1 minute. All you need for a hot break with the unique Knorr Hot Hot Tomato flavor is just a little hot water and 1 minute! The rest is easy! To prepare the delicious and practical Knorr Quick Hot Tomato recipe, just follow these three simple steps: 1. Pour the contents of the pack into your favorite medium mug. 2. Add ¾ cup (170 ml) of boiling water to it and mix well. 3. Your soup is ready to drink in 1 minute!
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