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AROMA Apricot Nectar 250ml*6pack - resmi

AROMA Apricot Nectar 250ml*6pack -

Delicious natural Apricot nectar. Product of Turkey.(Kayisi Suyu) Aroma Apricot juice
AROMA Peach Nectar 250ml*6pack resmi

AROMA Peach Nectar 250ml*6pack

Delicious natural peach nectar. Product of Turkey.(Seftali Suyu) Aroma Peach juice
AROMA Sour Cherry Nectar 250ml*6pack resmi

AROMA Sour Cherry Nectar 250ml*6pack

Delicious natural sour cherry nectar. Product of Turkey.(
GOLDEN EAGLE Energy Drink 250ml resmi

GOLDEN EAGLE Energy Drink 250ml

Energy Drink from Kosovo.
IOS Organic Forest Fruits 1L resmi

IOS Organic Forest Fruits 1L

Contains no added sugars, preservatives or colors Cold pressed with seeds. All our organic products are internationally certified by BCS ÖKO GARANTIE as EU, JAS, USDA and NOP Organic. Halal Certification by Gimdes and Kosher Certification by Orthodox Union on selected items.
MARCO POLO Aronia Juice 1L resmi

MARCO POLO Aronia Juice 1L

Aronia Berries (also known as Chokeberries) are indigenous to North America and have been used in traditional Native American medicine for many centuries. Growing in abundance in Russia and Eastern Europe since the early 1900s, these small, deep purple berries are not only rich in polyphenols, but have the highest antioxidant concentration of any fruit! Among their myriad health benefits, Aronia berries can help ward off free radicals and urinary tract infections and aid with blood circulation, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Marco Polo Aronia Juice is made with 100% pure Aronia berry juice from concentrate and water. With a pleasing mouth-puckering taste akin to cranberry and blackberry juice, our unsweetened Aronia Juice is delicious on its own or mixed with seltzer. Marco Polo Aronia Juice pairs beautifully with sweetened iced green tea, lemonade and other fruit juices. Use it to make a wonderful antioxidant-rich cocktail - instead of cranberry or pomegranate juice – or add it to your next fruit smoothie.