EUROPEWARE Glass Teapot 1.6 Liter

Suitable for use for boiling water, coffee or tea.The handle is made of porcelain. For gas, electric, ceramic and induction stoves. Stainless steel filter The handle connecting part is Stainless steel with gold-gilt
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LAV Demet 12 pc Tea Set resmi

LAV Demet 12 pc Tea Set

The joy of tea is always very special, whether you are sitting at the big breakfast tables where you sit with your family, in hot conversations with your friends, or on a cold winter evening to warm you up alone. It relaxes and relaxes ... If tea, which is both a warm and sincere drink, creates a meditation effect on you, the Zen Demet Tea Set is just for you!
MILKA Choco Jelly Orange Flavor 147g resmi

MILKA Choco Jelly Orange Flavor 147g

Fruity and delicious, these Milka Choco Dessert Orange Jelly Cookies are soft and sweet! The tangy flavor of the orange is the perfect balance for the natural sweetness of the chocolate cookie. Ideal for sharing with friends and family, we love dunking these in ice cold milk or pairing with a nice cup of coffee or tea!
KOSKA Turkish Delight w/Mixed Flavors (Rose, Lemon, Orange, Mint) 500g resmi

KOSKA Turkish Delight w/Mixed Flavors (Rose, Lemon, Orange, Mint) 500g

[DELICIOUS GOURMET TURKISH DELIGHT WITH ROSE, LEMON, ORANGE, MINT] Amazing Turkish Delight assortment treat which is soft, chewy, and very fresh from Turkey. Turkish Delight is one of the traditional treats with a cup of Turkish coffee on its foam. [GIFTABLE] Great gift for any occasion. Surprise your beloved ones with this delicious box of Turkish Delights (Delicias Turcas). The package comes with nutrition facts and ingredients information about Turkish Delight. [ALWAYS FRESH] Mix flavored Turkish Delight Lokum Gourmet Assortment always comes fresh from frequently replenished Amazon stocks. [VEGAN-HALAL-KOSHER] KOSKA received the BCR Certificate, Kosher Certificate (the Quality Certificate given by Israel or America indicating that no animal products are used and precise hygienic production is adhered to), Quality Certificate from the British Vegetarian Association, and finally the Halal certificate (the certificate indicating that the product is suitable to Islamic dietary laws which control the preparation of food). [TASTE OF A CENTURY] The famous KOSKA tradition goes back to the candy shop in Denizli opened by Haci Emin Bey in 1907. Under the management of founding family for four generations, Koska has been proudly using the same original recipe for hundred years. Koska is one of the few companies which are successful of being a trademark of century by building a bridge between the past and the future.