ETI Burcak Milk Chocolate Biscuit 114g

Eti Burçak Milk Chocolate Biscuits, this traditional flavor of Eti, which is very rich in terms of nutritional properties, offers a very light taste thanks to its being made with wholemeal natural wheat flour. Now, it doubles the pleasure of biscuits by combining delicious, mouth-watering, traditional Eti Burçak biscuits with delicious milk chocolate!
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ETI Burcak Digestive Biscuits w/Oat 420G resmi

ETI Burcak Digestive Biscuits w/Oat 420G

Eti Burcak Biscuit with Milk Cream consists of a 4-piece Burcak biscuit, which spreads in the mouth, meets the milk cream inside. You can easily carry this flavor with you during the day with its 4-pack, which goes well with cold milk.
CEDEVITA Orange Drink Mix 2.5L resmi

CEDEVITA Orange Drink Mix 2.5L

Cedevita orange - For generations the most renowned and most beloved source of vitamins with the natural flavour of orange, so popular that its orange colour has become the trademark for Cedevita itself. Everybody will surely agree: Cedevita orange is "The Cedevita!" Product of Croatia
DOGANAY Mild Turnip Carrot Juice 1L (Salgam Suyu) resmi

DOGANAY Mild Turnip Carrot Juice 1L (Salgam Suyu)

Specially grown purple carrots are carefully cleaned and thrown into fermentation tanks. Produced from carefully selected wheat, bulgur is washed with hot water and left to ferment. Chili peppers from Tarsus and Adana regions are added to the fermentation tanks. It is bottled untouched after the fermentation process, which takes 40-45 days depending on the season. Here, Doğanay Turnip takes its place on your table by going through these steps.
DR. OETKER Asure 230g resmi

DR. OETKER Asure 230g

The dessert, whose history is as old as humanity! It is now very easy to prepare this dessert, which takes days to prepare in the classical way and requires skill to match the ratio of the ingredients. It contains grains and legumes such as wheat paste, chickpeas, beans; This product, which contains dried fruits such as apricot, orange peel and grapes, can be prepared with either water or milk.