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Picture of KOSKA Mulberry Molasses 800g

KOSKA Mulberry Molasses 800g

Koska Mulberry Molasses has a texture with an intense content, and dark color. Koska Mulberry Molasses is usually made in mid-June. You can make delicious desserts with Koska Mulberry Molasses and consume it whenever you want.
Picture of SERA Mulberry Molasses (Dut Pekmezi) 340g

SERA Mulberry Molasses (Dut Pekmezi) 340g

Mulberry molasses, is a thick syrup, obtained from all natural white mulberries. ... Mulberry syrup concentrates is made of our organic mulberries known as “pekmez”. To make the syrup, mulberry juice is boiled until it has a consistency that's much like honey.
Picture of SERA Mulberry Molasses 250g

SERA Mulberry Molasses 250g

Mulberry molasses; It meets your body's daily vitamin and mineral needs such as iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is also a very effective natural remedy for those who suffer from anemia.