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Picture of DARDANEL Sardines (Sardalya) in Oil 100g

DARDANEL Sardines (Sardalya) in Oil 100g

Dardanel is a brand known as the Fish Expert of Turkey and keeps the omega 3 fatty acids in the fish. Founded in 1984, Dardanel believes in sustainable fishing and receives fish from fishermen with a Dolphin Safe certificate who hunt in the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans. For an ethical choice, if you’re looking for a healthy lunch or convenient fish snack, Dardanel’s ready-to-eat fish is perfect. Sardines are delicious on sandwiches, in salads and pastas, fried, in a stew, chargrilled in vine leaves or even as a spread.
Picture of DARDANEL Tuna Fish in Oil 160g x 2pk

DARDANEL Tuna Fish in Oil 160g x 2pk

Turkey's first canned tuna fish by Turkey's Fish Specialist. Solid, light meat. The most practical way of gaining the health benefits offered by fish. You will not believe what wonders you will achieve in the kitchen with the recipes by Dardanel Tuna.