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FRANCK Borovnica (Blueberry Flavored Tea) 20 Bags 60g resmi

FRANCK Borovnica (Blueberry Flavored Tea) 20 Bags 60g

Sweet blueberry is a berry that was first part of the daily diet of the Native Americans, and today is still mostly grown in North America.
FRANCK Brusnica (Cranberry Tea) 20 Bags 60g resmi

FRANCK Brusnica (Cranberry Tea) 20 Bags 60g

Though small, cranberries are one of nature’s most potent gifts. The Indians also knew this, and used this magical fruit as both a food and a medicine.
FRANCK Chamomile Tea (Kamilica) 20g resmi

FRANCK Chamomile Tea (Kamilica) 20g

Franck Chamomile Tea is made with 100% dried chamomile flowers and has a pleasing fruity flavor. Rich in naturally occurring antioxidants and antibacterial agents, this soothing tea is beneficial for aiding sleep and digestion and in warding off colds and flus.
FRANCK Espresso Rituali 250g resmi

FRANCK Espresso Rituali 250g

Ideal for preparing the perfect espresso at home. Silky texture, fullness of flavour and richness of its creamy foam will delight your senses. The naturally present notes of caramel are imbued with the aromas of hazelnut and mild fruit tones, make the whole experience even more special. Let Franck Espresso be with you through the day.
FRANCK Gris Cream of Wheat 400g resmi

FRANCK Gris Cream of Wheat 400g

This instant gris, also know as cream of wheat or dry cereal, cooks up in only 2 – 3 minutes. It is a perfect breakfast to enjoy on a cold wintry day. Content of the bag is sufficient for making 6 single servings.
FRANCK Ground Coffee 400g resmi

FRANCK Ground Coffee 400g

Relish the flavor of the Balkans with this popular coffee. The secret of Franck coffee is in the combination of the finest beans and the delicate process of grinding them. Its rounded, chocolate taste and specific scent are well liked by coffee enthusiasts.