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ARIFOGLU Basil (Feslegen) 70g resmi

ARIFOGLU Basil (Feslegen) 70g

Basil, whose botanical name is Ocimum Basilicum, is originally grown in South Asia. Since favorable conditions are provided in our country, it is also seen in the Mediterranean and Aegean coastlines. Mediterranean basin countries have ideal conditions for basil production.
ARIFOGLU Basil (Reyhan) 40g resmi

ARIFOGLU Basil (Reyhan) 40g

Basil is considered a principal ingredient in many cuisines around the world. Such kind of spices, generally are aromatic flavoring from seeds, fruits, and other plant parts. Used in to season and preserve food, and as perfumes and medicines. Spices could be used to make your meal more attractive in color and tastier.