ARIFOGLU Rosemary (Biberiye) 120g

Rosemary is from the family of honeybabagiller as "Rosmarinus Officinalis" which means sea moisture in Latin. It grows in places with sea coasts, especially in its name. It is a perennial herb with pale blue flowers that do not shed their leaves in winter. The homeland of rosemary is the Mediterranean. The homeland of rosemary, which can grow abundantly on the coasts of all of Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Aegean Sea, is known as Tarsus, Alexandria, and Adana.
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VISPAK Paprika 100g resmi

VISPAK Paprika 100g

Don't overlook this spice when cooking! Sprinkle it on potatoes or homemade fries for a change of seasonings. Use it liberally on poultry ,meat, and fish when cooking. Use paprika as a milder seasoning in chili or stews. It can even liven up some soups with color and flavor. Paprika is most commonly used to prepare such Hungarian dishes as cheeses, eggs, fish, pastas, sweet pastries, and meat seasonings. Last but not least, goulash, Hungary's national dish, is made with paprika.
KRINOS Organic Mountain Sage 56g resmi

KRINOS Organic Mountain Sage 56g

A member of the mint family, sage traces its origins to the northern Mediterranean coast where it was not only a culinary staple but a traditional healing remedy. First mentioned in between 50 and 70 AD, sage is still prized for its multitude of health benefits today. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, sage is known not only to help boost memory, but to help manage the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia. This magical herb also balances glucose and cholesterol levels and can offset the symptoms of menopause. Krinos Organic Mountain Sage is carefully harvested from wild plants growing on Mount Othrys in Central Greece. Because our organic sage includes both the stems and the leaves, it is perfect for butter or olive oil basting, marinades and roasts. Krinos Greek Mountain Sage has a slightly minty, earthy flavor. A traditional seasoning in sausages and Thanskgiving stuffing recipes, sage is also a classic ingredient in many Mediterranean dishes - like butternut squash pasta with sage brown butter. For a drink to warm you on a cold night, enjoy the leaves of our organic sage in a homemade infusion with Krinos Chamomile Flowers, fresh mint and fennel seeds.
ARIFOGLU Special Maras Pepper (Isot Biber) 250g resmi

ARIFOGLU Special Maras Pepper (Isot Biber) 250g

Isot spice, which is one of the spices that adds a bitter taste to the dish it is added to, is known as a flavor unique to the Şanlıurfa (Southeastern Turkey) region.
ARIFOGLU Special Urfa Pepper (Isot Biber) 250g resmi

ARIFOGLU Special Urfa Pepper (Isot Biber) 250g

Making Çiğköfte, kebabs, soups, and juicy dishes. It is the product obtained as a result of the incubation of chili pepper.