ARIFOGLU Organic Grape Vinegar (Organik Uzum Sirkesi) 500ml

Grape vinegar, Apart from its use in meals and salads, it is also used topically in the treatment of many diseases. Vinegar, which is rich in vitamins C and A, also contains iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, fluorine and potassium. It can lower blood sugar level with the acetic acid it contains. With its antioxidant-rich structure, it can protect against bacterial infections and skin damage. It also supports heart health and protects against some types of cancer. Drinking diluted vinegar, but not too much, can help to lose weight when supported by a healthy diet and sports. In addition, diluted vinegar applied to the hair prevents dandruff and makes the hair shine. However, consuming too much vinegar can cause tooth enamel erosion and stomach problems. To avoid these side effects, it is necessary to dilute and consume no more than 3 tablespoons of vinegar per day.
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