ARIFOGLU Coconut (Hindistan Cevizi) 125g

Coconut, which is one of the spices frequently used in kitchens due to its visual and flavor addition, is especially compatible with honey, milk, and cocoa.
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JAMI Phyllo Sheets (for Baklava) 450g resmi

JAMI Phyllo Sheets (for Baklava) 450g

Filo or phyllo is a very thin unleavened dough used for making pastries such as baklava and börek in Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines. Filo-based pastries are made by layering many sheets of filo brushed with oil or butter; the pastry is then baked.❄️❄️PERISHABLE ITEM❄️❄️ Perishables must be shipped using UPS express shipping methods. We recommend all perishable items ship overnight or 2nd shipping at the latest. All frozen items will be shipped with ice packs, in an insulated box liner. we recommend choosing overnight delivery, for any frozen items to prevent items from perishing, otherwise Bakkal International Foods will not be responsible for any damages that may occur.
KAROLINA Oblatne Tort Wafers 150g resmi

KAROLINA Oblatne Tort Wafers 150g

Soft and delicate structure of wafer makes it appropriate even for toddlers and small children. It’s also very light in weight. Plain wafer sheets for desserts.
DURU Baldo Rice 1kg resmi

DURU Baldo Rice 1kg

A hybrid of arborio and another rice named Stirpe 136, Turkish baldo rice is a plump, milled, short-grain rice grown in Turkey and Italy. The Turkish variety is particularly starchy and can absorb lots of moisture, which makes it very creamy and tender when cooked.
CIF Krem Cleanser w/Lily of the Valley & Freesia 750ml resmi

CIF Krem Cleanser w/Lily of the Valley & Freesia 750ml

Cif cream cleanser brings the power of cleaning to your home thanks to its perfect formula. The microparticles contained Cif cream allow you to easily remove even the most stubborn dirt. It helps you to clean dirt and stains without much difficulty. You can apply Cif cream to the stained area without diluting it and wipe it with a sponge. When the stain is removed, you can rinse the same area. Cif cream cleanser's strong formula manages to overcome lime stains, soap residue and all difficult stains. As an ideal cleaning material that offers brightness, it pleases consumers. It offers a sparkling cleaning thanks to the ammonia it contains. Cif cream, which you can safely use in bathroom and kitchen cleaning, allows you to clean with less tiredness. You can try the Cif cream cleanser right away to see its effect on the stained oil stains.