ANTEPSAN KEYIFCE Findikli Fitil Lokum (Rolled Hazelnut Lokum) 350g

Turkish delight has always been the most important souvenirs and snacks of Turkish culture; thin roving Turkish delight is also one of the most valuable members of this family. On our site, you can easily find both the most delicious and the best quality and fresh suppository Turkish delight. In addition, the roving Turkish delight varieties on our site are presented to you with an extremely wide range of options. Those looking for more classic flavors as well as fruity and dried nut suppositories can find exactly what they are looking for in this category. At the same time, the quality that our years of experience has instilled in us is uncompromising in roving delight, as in all of our products.
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ULKER Golden Bitter Chocolate Bar w/Pistachio 80g resmi

ULKER Golden Bitter Chocolate Bar w/Pistachio 80g

Ülker Pistachio Bitter Chocolate is a very delicious chocolate with its soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture, intense bitter aroma and the harmony of pistachio. Ülker, which started chocolate production in 1974, has been continuing to bring its chocolates suitable for Turkish palatal delight under the name of Ülker Çikolata. Ülker Pistachio Bitter Chocolate is one of the best examples of this. You can consume this chocolate alone or use it in your desserts. It can also be divided into pieces and used as a cake decoration.
ONCU Mild Pepper Paste 700g resmi

ONCU Mild Pepper Paste 700g

Oncu mild pepper paste is the milder version of the Turkish hot pepper paste made using peppers from the South-Eastern region of Turkey, all handpicked and pasted using traditional methods. Every Turkish cuisine enthusiast knows pepper paste is an absolute must have for the cupboard since it makes an appearance in almost all Turkish dishes, either with or in place of tomato paste. Adding just a small dash of it is enough to bring a peppery yet not so spicy flavour to your Turkish dish, as the paste is quite thick. Oncu mild pepper paste is the preffered brand of pepper paste both in Turkey and in Europe for Turkish cooking enthusiasts, because it allows the flavours of the herbs and other spices to come through, and not overpowering the dish.
ONCU Dried Eggplant 454g resmi

ONCU Dried Eggplant 454g

In the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire, dolma is a family of stuffed vegetable dishes that consists of stuffed peppers or grape leaves. Dolma are part of the Balkan cuisines and surrounding regions, such as Middle Eastern countries like Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and also Central Asia. In Greek, they are known as yemista or gemista. In Tunisia, they are known as Filfil Mahshi.
FISKOBIRLIK Hazelnut Paste 320g resmi

FISKOBIRLIK Hazelnut Paste 320g

Fiskobirlik Hazelnut Paste, prepared with carefully selected hazelnuts of the Black Sea, is coming to add flavor to your breakfasts. Hazelnut paste, which can be spread on bread or consumed directly, enables you to start the day happily with its unique taste. Hazelnut paste comes to the table after the most delicious hazelnuts are roasted and crushed with the help of sweeteners. Hazelnut attracts attention not only with its taste but also with its benefits, it takes its place at the center of your breakfast with its hazelnut paste. Thanks to its high hazelnut content, hazelnut paste, which is a good choice for snacks, can be easily consumed due to its light texture. The paste, which provides most of the benefits that hazelnuts offer to the body, also makes faces smile with its sweet texture.