SARELLE Hazelnut Spread 350g

Sarelle products, which get their flavor from Sagra hazelnuts, are a good source of energy for children with their 100% natural content and hazelnut ratio, and they can consume sarelle together with bread rolls or pancakes to enrich your breakfast tables; You can suppress your hunger or your desire for dessert by choosing it for snacks. All ingredients used in sarelle are natural and contain no trans fats, preservatives and coloring agents. Natural vanilla produced from the vanilla plant is used instead of non-genetically modified soy lecithin and the naturally identical aroma obtained through chemical reactions. Sarelle hazelnut paste delivered to the consumer in special glass jars, if stored in a cool and dry place, preserves its taste and smell for a long time.
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ULKER Bizim Mutfak - Farfalline Pasta 500g resmi

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