SARELLE Cocoa Spread w/Hazelnut 700g

Üretici firma: Sarelle
Sarelle products, which take their flavor from Sagra hazelnuts, are a good source of energy for children with their 100% natural content and hazelnut ratio. In order to enrich your breakfast tables, you can consume the sardine with bread or pancakes, and you can suppress your hunger or your desire for dessert by choosing it for snacks.
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ULKER Laviva Chocolate 35g resmi

ULKER Laviva Chocolate 35g

Ülker Laviva Filling and Biscuit Chocolate is a different and pleasant flavor produced by the unique harmony of biscuit and chocolate. With its long, thin and thickened structure by ovalizing towards the ends, it is quite different from standard chocolates and appeals to both the eye and the palate. Laviva is produced by placing filling chocolate on a fresh and pleasantly flavored biscuit at the bottom, and a crispy outer coating on the chocolate filling. The density of chocolate balanced with the biscuit at the bottom helps to meet your dessert needs without disturbing you. Laviva is a chocolate that will energize you with a single bite, which you will not have any difficulty in keeping at hand in your bag and in your drawers.
ANTEPSAN Walnut Raisin Sausage (Cevizli Sucuk) 100g resmi

ANTEPSAN Walnut Raisin Sausage (Cevizli Sucuk) 100g

Sausage with grape molasses, which is among the ancient flavors of Anatolia, continues to be produced in accordance with traditional methods. You can consume walnut and molasses sausage as a snack and use it to decorate your milk desserts. Molasses and walnut sausage, where the flavors of molasses and walnuts are combined with patience, is produced from molasses and fresh walnuts that are boiled almost everywhere in Anatolia in autumn. You will love it when you try the walnut sausage, which is obtained by dipping the walnuts on the ropes into the boiled molasses and then hanging and drying.
TAHSILDAROGLU Feta Sheep's Milk White Cheese - 908g Net Drained Weight resmi

TAHSILDAROGLU Feta Sheep's Milk White Cheese - 908g Net Drained Weight

There is a millennia-old cheesemaking tradition in Turkey and Beyaz Peynir - which translates to “white cheese”- is among the most popular cheeses in the country. The Turkish equivalent to Feta, Beyaz Peynir is included in most meals – starting at breakfast! Tahsildaroglu Sheep’s Milk Feta is made from the pure milk of herds grazing freely in the Ezine region of Turkey. We make Tahsildaroglu Sheep’s Milk Feta from sheep and goat milk, and age it for at least 12 months in a natural salt and yeast brine. The result is a deliciously balanced cheese with a crumbly, creamy texture and a tart, salty flavor. Enjoy our cheese in a meze platter with a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and dried oregano. Or serve it with sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and olives for a classic Turkish breakfast. Our Sheep’s Milk Feta is also delicious in hot preparations. Try it on flatbreads, in omelets and in sauces and dips. This Feta also makes a wonderful garnish for roasted fish and meat dishes. A great source of probiotics, calcium and protein, Tahsildaroglu Sheep’s Milk Feta is also low in fat.
PEREJA Lemon Kolonya 400ml resmi

PEREJA Lemon Kolonya 400ml

"The most beautiful flowers are collected for Pereja." Pereja Lemon Flower Cologne has been produced with the quality of the first day without spoiling its properties for years. It provides freshness all day long with its special formula and scent. It contains 80 degrees of alcohol.