KOSKA Extra Orange Preserve 380g

Koska orange jam adds a different flavor to breakfast tables where all family members are together. The jam, which is made by considering the traditional recipe, brings joy to the breakfast tables by meeting with the unique pleasant smell of the fruit and the taste of confectionery. Jam, which will bring a different taste to your children's breakfast and feeding times, can be stored for a long time in its healthy glass jar. After opening the packaging cover, you can continue to store it in the cupboard. You can easily use raspberry jam in flavors you create yourself. You can use it as a fruit mortar in yeast dough and decorate the cookies you make. When you put jam on your milk desserts such as pudding and rice pudding, you can see that it turns your desserts into a visual feast thanks to its color. You can turn breakfast times into fun by decorating the toasts or pancakes you have prepared for your child in different ways.
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