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Picture of NEMA Beef Stew (Dana Kavurma) 400g

NEMA Beef Stew (Dana Kavurma) 400g

Kavurma is a broad type of fried or sautéed meat dish found in Turkish cuisine. The name also refers to canned or preserved versions of a similar dish, prepared by dry frying the meat to render down the fat.
Picture of NEMA Tushonka / Beef Stew (Kavurma) 420g

NEMA Tushonka / Beef Stew (Kavurma) 420g

Tushonka is cooked and canned stewed meat, popular among campers, fishermen, truck drivers, and everyone who does not have time for cooking. ... It is very similar to our Kavurma product. You will love it.
Picture of PODRAVKA Beef Goulash 300g

PODRAVKA Beef Goulash 300g

Podravka Beef Goulash is made with real chunky beef pieces prepared in a delicious sauce, using only the finest herbs and spices. Thinking of what to prepare for dinner? This beef goulash is a great solution for a quick and delicious meal.