FARUK GULLUOGLU Durum Baklava (Rolled) w/Pistachios 2lb

Green pistachio grown in Gaziantep region is used. It is cooked at the temperature determined by 140 years of experience and sherbet with a special sherbet.
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LAV Demet Zebra Yaldız Tea Glass 6pc resmi

LAV Demet Zebra Yaldız Tea Glass 6pc

These gold trim tea glasses attract the attention of people with their different and elegant design. Lav is one of the most preferred brands in Turkey, and it presents tea glasses with the highest level of quality for you. Turkish tea glasses make drinking tea more enjoyable. With their small and tiny size, they are specially designed for drinking Turkish tea. Lav Tea Glass Demet Gold Trim consists of 6 pieces. This set is ideal for your family members.