ARIFOGLU Nar Eksisi (Pomegranate Dressing) 750ml

Rich in Vitamin C, iron and potassium, it has a mixture of flavors such as sweet, sweet-sour and sour. The pomegranate glaze/sauce produced by boiling pomegranate also has a sweet-sour taste. It adds a distinctive sourish taste to soups, dishes and salads. An intense, full flavored reduction of the fine Mediterranean fruit with the texture of a demi glace. Use as dressing for salads. Brush on all grilled meats, games, poultry and seafood. Glaze roasts. Saute or poach seafood, adding wine or fruit juice for an exotic sauce.
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ULKER Halley Biscuit 300g resmi

ULKER Halley Biscuit 300g

Ulker Halley Chocolate Cookies are just irresistible. The soft fluffy marshmallow on the inside is covered with a thin layer of biscuit crust and topped with quality chocolate that is made in Turkey. Cookie gives the impression that it will completely crumble in ones hand but actually lasts till the end, tasting every so interesting.
DURU Red Split Lentils 1kg resmi

DURU Red Split Lentils 1kg

Red split lentils is obtained by peeling the outer shell of the raw lentil, breaking the grain in two and then oiling the inner lentil by cottonseed oil. Its consumption is very common in Turkey and South East Asia. Duru Lentil only packs lentil of South East region of Turkey.
REIS Sugar Beans (Ispir) 1kg resmi

REIS Sugar Beans (Ispir) 1kg

It is a round-shaped, white-colored bean variety cultivated in the Black Sea and Erzurum-İspir regions in our country. It is preferred more because it is delicious.
REIS Barbunya (Kidney Beans) 1kg resmi

REIS Barbunya (Kidney Beans) 1kg

Known for its nearly round oval shape and red striped and scaly features, the kidney bean stands out with its easy use and taste. Especially in the summer months, different seasonal vegetables and olive oil dishes are prepared, boiled and added to appetizers such as pilaki and consumed cold. It is used to add a pleasant flavor and color to various olive oil dishes specific to the Mediterranean table. Because of its structural features, it is easily boiled in a short time, and the salad is made with kidney beans, which stands out with its filling properties and light taste. Since it is easily crushed when boiled, it is used to prepare healthy meatballs with various vegetables. Taking its place in meat dishes, kidney beans also attract attention with its nutritious aspect. It especially reduces mental fatigue and is good for anemia with minerals such as iron it contains.